50 for 20 Historic results vs Actual results

Kevin Pratt, Chief Scientist, ZZAlpha, LTD., MSCS, JD
 Fifty stocks for twenty days results
The above visualization helps understand how the historic returns shown every day in the Conservative Stock Picks "Large Long 50 for 20 days" newsletter relate to the actual results achieved.  The historic always overstates by about 1/3 the actual results, regardless of which of the recommendations one selects - near the top or the bottom.  However, the higher the historic for that stock, the higher the likely actual result! (The historic result is supplied when the recommendation is made to aid investor decisions; the actual is tabulated at the end of a month (20 market days) when results are known.).

The key point is this though: for the 3 1/2 year record, the actual results for any group of our recommendations substantially exceeds the 1% average result (for a month) of the S&P 500 benchmark (SPY ETF) which is shown by the horizontal blue line at the bottom. 

ZZAlpha builds visualizations to continually understand how its recommendation approaches perform in the turbulent markets.

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Kevin B. Pratt has been Chief Scientist at ZZAlpha LTD. since 2010
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