Kevin B. Pratt is founder and Chief Scientist at ZZAlpha Ltd. where he has designed and implemented effective and profitable predictive models for price changes in US exchange traded equities since 2010.

He previously led Anti-Fraud Analytics in the Big Data and Advanced Analytics consulting group and was Senior Analytics Scientist at Teradata Corporation, one of the world's leading analytic data warehouse companies.

He has over 40 years experience in financial, anti-fraud, white-collar criminal, cybersecurity, and big-data analytics  for commercial enterprises as well as the intelligence community and US Dept of Justice.  He is a licensed attorney and machine learning expert who earned a Masters in Computer Science and a Juris Doctorate.

He is internationally recognized with over 100 publications and presentations.

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Kevin B. Pratt has been Chief Scientist at ZZAlpha LTD. since 2010
He was also Lead, Anti-Fraud Analytics, Sr. Analytics Scientist in the Teradata Big Data and Advanced Analytics Group until June 2016.
There was and is no connection whatsoever between ZZAlpha LTD.and Teradata Corp.