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Models for Unexpected Events: BREXIT

unexpected impact of BREXIT
When all predictive models use historical information to make forward predictions, how can they react to the unknown?  The persistent assumption - - -

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                unexpected events like BREXIT

50 for 20 days: Historic vs Actual Results

comparison of historic vs actual investment results
Historic results overstate the likely actual by 1/3 but better historic implies better actual. Regardless of the recommendation set, they beat - - -
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A rabbi. A priest. A CEO.

A rabbi, a priest and a CEO walk into a session on Insider Threat at a Corporate Security conference. - - -
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Still needing treatment for your cybersecurity nightmares?  CISA may help.

Hackers causing nightmares
CIOs have nightmares after reading about  adversaries like these:
“These attackers [Hidden Lynx] are a highly efficient team who can undertake multiple campaigns at once and breach some of the world's best protected - - -
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Would you pay $1000 ransom for your hot water?

Ransomware for cold water
Imagine receiving an email demanding $1000 ransom to restore the gas and electricity to your hot water heater  (along with your furnace!)  How long would your family be willing to go before paying up?  Or, suppose utilities at your corporate headquarters would not function until a ransom is paid.  What is your burn rate while - - - Read more

Blogging is not talking to your dog

bored dog

When you talk to your dog, your dog goes to sleep. That is not good blogging.

When you talk to your dog, your dog will show up without an invite. That is not good blogging.

When you talk to your dog  - - -
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